Bluegrass is an agile ingredient innovation company. We enhance competitive advantage for leading brands and flavor houses by partnering with them to develop and commercialize custom, innovative flavors and formulations to stay ahead of changing taste and dietary demands in high-growth categories.

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Our Products

At Bluegrass, our wide array of products is driven by evolving client needs and emerging food trends.

From custom dairy blends and specialty powders to fruit/citrus powders, clean label alternatives and more, our iterative approach is designed to support all quantities -- from as little as a few bags up to truckloads.

Specialty Powders

Fruit/Citrus Powders

Clean Label Alternatives

Dairy Blends

The Bluegrass Agile Ingredient Innovation™ Model is custom built to help brands and flavor houses achieve the rapid food innovation they need to stay ahead of today’s dynamic consumer taste and dietary demands.

Through this proven model, our team of ingredient engineers work side by side with our partners to determine their unique business and ingredient goals and develop custom formulations to meet those precise specifications. With state-of-the-art spray drying and dry blending technologies, we rapidly prototype and test customized samples in quantities from as little as one bag up to truckloads.


  • Business Goals
  • Color
  • Granulation
  • Sensory
  • Analytical


  • Color matching
  • Sensory evaluation
  • Formula development
  • Analytical testing
  • Custom spray drying
  • Custom dry blending
  • Test kitchen
  • Initial specification development
  • Sample Development

Testing & Validation

  • Specification finalization
  • Process finalization
  • Customer signoff/approval


Each formulation is meticulously documented to ensure maximum consistency, safety and quality control. After passing rigorous testing in our pilot labs, the formulation is finalized, approved and prepared for production. The iterative nature of the agile process ensures collaboration, enables customization and drives game-changing innovation on just-in-time delivery cycles.

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Many of our items are Kosher, Organic, and have other numerous claims.

About Us

Founded nearly a quarter century ago, Bluegrass has evolved from a boutique dairy ingredients provider into one of the nation’s leading R&D-based specialty ingredients suppliers to the food industry.  

With production facilities located in the heart of bluegrass country in Glasgow, KY and a dedicated R&D Innovation Center in Springfield, KY, we serve and supply some of the world’s biggest brands in niche ingredient sectors like custom dairy blends and specialty powders, fruit/citrus powders, clean label alternatives and more.

Through our Agile Ingredient Innovation™ Model, we combine deep technical expertise and advanced testing methods to help leading brands rapidly concept, test and produce the custom flavors and formulations they need to stay ahead.  

We’re not just a supplier, we’re a team of food-focused agile innovators that all share the same simple goal: to help invent and improve the future of food.
Tel: +1-877-336-7643